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6th Sep 2018

Hello, and welcome to Team 6ix Gaming's September 2018 News and Announcements letter! 

It has come time for us to deliver some unfortunate news that we never really thought we'd have to do. It goes without saying that this is very hard and frustrating for us as we've been running Ark Survival Evolved servers for almost a year now. As most of the community knows we recently wiped our 5 Map PvP cluster as well as our No Rules Ragnarok server because population was at an all time low. In the hopes of getting those 6 servers re-populated our efforts were not working this time. Advertisements being posted on numerous websites and social media outlets on a daily bases proved to not do much if anything at all. Ark has been our for quite some time now and has slowly been on a downhill slope for their population. What was once a flourishing game with 100+ thousand players playing is now burned down to thousands on Xbox. 

We hope that this will only be temporary and things will eventually pick back up for Ark Survival Evolved. At this time we will be terminating our 5 map PvP cluster along with our No Rules Ragnarok server. The 5 map PvE cluster will remain online for the time being. However, the PvE cluster may suffer the same fate eventually if we cannot keep players on it. Running 11 servers is very expensive and we cannot continue to pay for servers that only a handful of players are utilizing. Even having 5 servers is very expensive. However, will will try our absolute best to keep this cluster going. 

Team 6ix would like to thank each and every one of you all for the love and support we've received over the past 10 months from the community. We tried our hardest to ensure everyone had a fun filled and joyful experience in our community and servers. Whether things didn't work out and you left our servers or have been here since the beginning, you're what helped shape this community into what it is today and for that, thank you. 

For all of our members that directly contributed to the community by donations we want to extend a very heartfelt thank you to you all. If not for you ladies and gents things could have ended a long time ago. So again, thank you! 

We hope to see in the near future that things pick back up and we can regain what we once had. Nonetheless Team 6ix Gaming is still here and standing. We're not going anywhere. We also play a variety of other games and would love to play with the community! Be sure to add T6ix iWv, T6ix FuRy, and T6ix Apok if you're ever feeling an itch to play another title. 

Here is a list of the servers being terminated and the time left on them:

Ragnarok PvP: 37 Days
Abberation PvP: 37 Days
The Island PvP: 37 Days
The Center PvP: 37 Days
Scorched Earth PvP: 35 Days

Ragnarok No Rules: 18 Days

Unless by some miracle things pick up and population grows outstandingly fast these server will be shutdown after the days run out. 

Thank you all! 

- T6ix iWv & T6ix FuRy
Team 6ix Gaming Owners

Social Media: 

Twitter: ... ialTeam6ix

Facebook: ... Team6ixGaming/

Twitch: ... icialteam6ix

YouTube: ... IbcVXC9WrL3X2xzy8NHQ

Discord: ... vite/nwqcysY
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7th Sep 2018

Dang this really sucks was hoping that these were the servers that i had been looking for everyone elses pvp servers are boosted way to much to be enjoyable. Was wanting to play on the pvp center server but im afraid i would be wasting my time to have it destroyed in 30 so odd days.
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7th Sep 2018

Apologies Deraged! 
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