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Joined: 13th Oct 2019
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13th Oct 2019

.... hoping not to lose it to a meg!

Hi, I just joined a Val server (found on the WC website recruiting pages). I’m note sure how active it still around here, iclan pages don’t seem to load very well on mobile phones so I’m only seeing half pages!! Lol! Well, if there is an active community here - hello! I’m Squiff.

Name: SquiffyMcSquiff but most call me Squiff
Age: Too old to answer that question! Let’s say ‘mature’
What games do you enjoy playing?: Mostly Ark at the moment but also spend some time in eso, 7DTD(broken console version), Fallout, Borderlands
What game(s) are you currently playing the most?: Ark right now!
Are you on our Ark Survival Evolved servers? If so what server?: just joined a PvE Val server
What consoles do you own?: we’re an Xbox household

Hopefully will run in to some more folks online soon.
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13th Oct 2019

Welcome mate. I'm on the Ragnarok map but do pop over to val every now and again to poach a few deionichus or however you spell it!
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13th Oct 2019

Welcome to our community and servers Squiff! Hope you enjoy your time here with us! Let me know if you are ever in need of assistance!
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Joined: 13th Oct 2019
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15th Oct 2019

Thanks for the warm welcome guys
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