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7th Apr 2018

Im Sam. Yeah. I am a 15 year old guy who sounds like he is in his 20s or 30s cause of his voice and way of getting things done. I play the piano and guitar and I write music. I am also in Theatre Arts. Most of times I take charge in my groups on ARK cause I am the best in my group. I play on Xbox I have been playing ARK for almost 2 years now and I get to a point where a lot of times I have no point in playing but this grind on this server has me going good. I really like the ARK server for its grind and all. I would say the only problem I have with it is how slow the flyers are lmao. I am sure everybody bitches about it though. I hope I can get myself very involved in this community and make a great number of friends or learn a great number or things or just lose braincells grinding myself so hard. -Sam

PS - I am also a professional boat builder
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7th Apr 2018

Welcome Sam
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7th Apr 2018

Welcome Sam! We hope you enjoy our community and servers! Don't hesitate to reach out or start discussions on the forums! Happy surviving!
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9th Apr 2018

Welcome Sam! I hope you enjoy our community!
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9th Apr 2018

Welcome Sam.
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9th Apr 2018

Welcome Sam
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