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13th Mar 2018

Hello all Team 6ix! 

As you all know we do accept donations from our community! Donations are NEVER required but ALWAYS gratefully appreciated. 
Just wanted to put out a friendly reminder that if you decide to donate to the Team 6ix Gaming community and you're wanting to receive your free in-game gift on Ark you must message your respective server admins! When community members create their profile on the site some use their gamertags and some don't. This causes quite the hassle when trying to contact a community member so we ask that if you do donate to the community you just shoot an admin a message on Xbox so we can get you your gift! 
Your server admins can be found on the server "Message of the day" this pops up across the top center of your screen each time you join one of our servers, or you can find our admins gamertags all over the forums where server info, rules, and even the donations thread is located. 

Also if you do message a server admin and do not receive a response within 24 hours please either message them on the site or message another server admin. I personally am always accepting messages and anyone can feel free to message me at any time when they need something. I may not be able to assist you at that very moment but I will absolutely get a response to you as quickly as I possibly can and attempt to schedule a time to meet in-game with you.

Don't ever feel obligated to donate to the community. This is simply a courtesy that some wish to extend and help Team 6ix Gaming improve, innovate, and bring new ideas, servers and creations to the community.  Whether we receive a thousand dollars in donations or a dollar we will always be here pushing forward on this amazing journey. 

As always, thank you all! You are all what keeps us going and making this dream a reality. 
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