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5th Jan 2018

Fox's Tutorial & Guide to Breeding: For Newbies & Veterans

Fox here, and I have been asked by a few members on the server to explain how breeding works and what not, and rather than speaking the entire thing in Party Chat, I figured I'd make a master post for it so everyone can understand the ins and outs of breeding, approximated chances for certain things, and inheritance properties. So, without further adou;

Breeding Introduction

So, I assume most already know how breeding works. You mate a Male and Female dinosaur by clicking 'Enable Wandering' and you have to keep them within a certain vicinity of each other until Mating completes. A fertilized egg will then drop beneath them. Larger dinosaurs have more leeway with the radius for mating, smaller ones have to be closer together.

When you breed a mating pair together, they will inherit the stats from both parents. They will ONLY inherit the BASE stats of the mating pair. Levelling up the Dinosaur or artificially increased stats through Imprint DO NOT transfer through the bloodline(s). Only base stats and stat mutations will, don't worry, we'll get to mutations.


Any level(s) of a mating pair can be used. The offspring will inherit stats from it's parents, at a 50% chance for each lineal side. Breeding some of the best Dinosaurs around for your tribe or to sell, requires you often taming the highest available Wild dinosaurs - Level 150. This is not a requirement, however. A Level 150 dinosaur has the highest possible chance to ascertain some of the highest base stats of it's type. However, it is not contingent on that. a 145 or even a 140 could have a stat(s) that are higher at base than that of a 150.

What I mean by 'base', is the stats the Dinosaur comes out with when it finishes taming. If you kibble tame a 150 Dinosaur, and it comes out Level 224, you want to write down it's stats... either on paper or in your notepad on a computer. Now, for most dinos, only Health, Stamina and Melee really matter. But these aren't the only stats that affect affinity levels when you're hatching new generations of baby dinosaurs, so let's get on to the next topics; real and vanity levels.

Real Levels

For examples sake, we're going to use the most common bred Dinosaur; Tyrannosaurus Rex .

'Real Levels' applies to only the Health and Melee Damage on a Rex. These are the core stats you want to strive for on your bloodlines. Essentially, let's say you find and perfect tame a Level 150 Male and Female Rex, the Male has 9386.3 Health (Base) - in turn - the Female has 343.8% Melee (Base). When you mate these two Rexes, your ultimate derivative is to have the Hatchling inherit both the Males Health and the Females Melee, inheriting both of these high(est) stats, the baby will have it's level increase on hatch. There is no solid data on how much a stat raise increases it's hatch level, but usually having something like this happen will cause the baby to hatch out at Level ~228 ish. These are the real levels for your baby, because it focuses on the primary stats for the dinosaur you're trying to breed. Once you get what's called a 'Perfect' Baby, that inherited nothing but the highest stats from both sides, you then want to attempt to get a mating pair of 'Perfect' babies, and once you've done that, tame another Wild Rex and try to get one with one or more stats higher than your Generation I Rexes.

I mentioned "all of the highest stats from both sides." This is what this means;

Vanity Levels

'Vanity Levels' means the total level of your Hatchling(s). Vanity Levels incorporates every stat from both sides. This means that the following stats all matter when breeding; Health, Stamina, Oxygen, Food, Weight, Melee. Every time you tame a new Wild Dinosaur, or buy in to another Tribe's bloodline, they'll often have at least one stat that will be higher than your current Generation. It could take many attempts, but breeding in that higher stat will increase the total level of your hatchling. This will result in you eventually hatching baby Rexes that could be Level 300 or up to Level 400+. That's base level! Add the 71 levels a Dinosaur can gain from levelling up normally, and you have one intimidating Level 471 Rex!

Mutations: Stat & Colour

So, any time you hatch a new Baby, there is an estimated ~2.6% chance for that baby to have a random mutation occur in it's genetics. Of this ~2.6% chance, there is roughly a 1% chance that the mutation will be a Colour mutation. The other 1.6% is a Stat mutation.

A Stat Mutation will affect any of the baby's base stats, and the mutations will (as of right now) only be positive, the stats will only increase slightly, never decrease.

A Colour Mutation will affect the skin colour of your Dinosaur. Unfortunately, there is no concrete data from Wild Card that shows all of the colours available for mutation, but the most common seems to be a very bright, neon-ish colour that picks from the most luminescent colours. It is also possible to get pastel colours, namely violet and maroon, but these seem to be very rare and aren't very noticeable most times.

Each Lineage side can only have 20 Mutations total. Each Stat or Colour Mutation takes up 1/20 slots. However, the counter can go past 20, but it does not actually mutate the dinosaur any further. Once the Matrilineal and Patrilineal sides are reach 20/20, the hatchlings from those two bloodlines cannot mutate any further. However, on the chance that Mutation would occur when the Dino is already at 20/20, the counter will still go up. You'll see 21/20. It will keep counting up, but it will not receive any new mutations. 


I tried to sum up what Breeding is about, and how to properly do it in words. There are also many videos on YouTube by some fantastic content creators that thoroughly explain (with video) on how breeding works in and out. Sorry for the wall of text, hope it helped!

"Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it." ~Salvador Dali

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5th Jan 2018

Excellent post Fox. Appreciate that! Definitely helps break down some things most survivors are not aware of!
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