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8th Mar 2018

Hey there fellow survivors! Just wanted to tell a tale and ask a related question. I have been playing ark for a couple of years now and have never bothered to try taming a giga. I've managed to stumble across a few and have been gifted one or two (back in my official server days) but never grabbed one of my own. Long story short I tried to solo tame a level 100 on Ragnarok and it kept phasing through my cunning traps! I have seen it done on YouTube but I was simply not up to the task and my trusting but doomed allosaur paid for my failure! So, the question is, can it still be done and I'm not getting it right or has there been a patch to make trapping not an option? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Cheers.
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8th Mar 2018

Great question. I tried to solo tame one yesterday using terrain as the means to stay out of it's toothy grasp. It was a fail and I slipped and fell into its grasp. Those buggers bite hard. So I wait to see the replys to this as well as you.
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8th Mar 2018

Place 3 Dinosaur gates creating a U type shape, then set a large bear trap in the middle of it. Guide the giga into the gates/bear trap and then place a 4th Dinosaur gate closing the U and creating a square. They cannot escape it.

You have to be quick though because they can turn around while in the bear trap and bite you still.
Also, terrain is another way. find a decently high spot where the Giga cannot reach you and fire arrows at him until it runs or moves. Then rinse and repeat until knocked out. Bring A LOT of traq arrows or darts along with multiple crossbows or longnecks so when one breaks you can switch to another.
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8th Mar 2018

Cheers for the reply. I had set up a few Dino gates with ramp to get them over the top and in to avoid trying to close them in. Will give it a crack and let you know how it goes!
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13th Mar 2018

You can hover a giga on a griffen as well and shoot it.
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13th Mar 2018

I used the terrain trick, somehow he climbed right up the cliff and ripped a hole in my hide pants. Needless to say I ran and had to kill a dodo to mend the whole. So I blame the Giga for killing the dodo.
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13th Mar 2018

QuoteYou can hover a giga on a griffen as well and shoot it.


Never tried this on a giga, but I was successful with this method for other big dinos (rexes and brontos).
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13th Mar 2018

Personally I use a Griffy to get a Quetz, stand on the Quetz platform and shoot it from there.

(Level Up Stanima)
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