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9th May 2018

I've looked around and can't seem to find anything about transferring server within your cluster. Let me elaborate on what I mean, on the previous cluster I played on it had only 2 servers, Rag & AB, we were allowed to bring Dino's from AB to Rag but could not bring Dino's from Rag to AB.

Is there anything similar to this within your server cluster ?
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9th May 2018

You can transfer Dinos/Items from any map to another within the cluster. I believe DIno transfer TO Abberation is disabled on the PvE servers but it should be enabled I will do this now. So if you're not able to transfer dinos TO Abberation at this time you will be able to tomorrow. However, no flyers of course and it will only allow transfer of dinos that are native to the Abberation map. Example, Stegos are native to Abberation so you should be able to transfer a Stego from another map TO Abberation. 
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9th May 2018

Alright, so to clarify, if I went to Rag and tamed a Wyv or Griff I could transfer them to The Center ? Only AB has to be native to the map or all maps have to be native ?
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9th May 2018

That sounds about right. I'd say only critters that are vainlla out of ab can go back and forth. Yet I know for a fact you can snag Griffin wyryvns and take them to island and center cause I have seen it.
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