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21st Dec 2017

Ayyo, Fox here. Figured I'd make a little go-to thread that can help out people with connectivity issues on the Console or connecting to the Server, etc., so here we go.

Xbox One & One X Troubleshooting

Alternate MAC Address
Typically, the Xbox One & One X go through a lot of data per day, and the occasional loss of packets and/or bad packets builds up in the MAC Address on the Console. After a long time, or if the packet loss is bad enough, this can cause serious connectivity issues with the console and even reduced speeds. A simple way to fix most connectivity issues with the system is by following these steps regarding the MAC Address.

1. Press the 'Home' Button, and go to the Cog on the far right.
2. Click 'Settings', and scroll down to 'Network'. Click 'Network Settings'.
3. Click 'Advanced Settings', scroll down to 'Alternate MAC Address' & click it.
4. Click 'Clear'.

After doing this, for myself and many others, most - if not all - connectivity issues should be solved.

Problem Still Persists After Clearing?
Sometimes the problem can go a lot deeper than that. If you're tried clearing the MAC Address and gone through Microsoft Support, if you've also tried resetting your router and hard resetting your console and are still having connectivity issues with party, games or servers -- another solution is to completely disconnect your console from your internet source, and attempt to clear all currently held network settings. Clearing the MAC Address this time, should be the last step.

1. Press the 'Home' Button, and go to the Cog on the far right.
2. Click 'Settings', and scroll down to 'Network'. Click 'Network Settigns'.
3. Click 'Advanced Settings', and open IP Address and DNS Address one after the other.
4. Click 'Manual' and simply type in in each of these fields and submit. Hard shutdown the console.
5. Upon turning the console back on, follow Steps 1-3 and return IP & DNS to 'Automatic'.
6. Re-link your console to your internet source, and it will ascertain a new IP & DNS, as well as refresh it's cache.

This step can take a long time, but if the first doesn't work this will almost always work afterwards in my experience. If problems connecting are still experienced, attempt to see if it's just a server problem, by seeing if your connection to other games are perfectly fine, and that you can party chat without issue.

Windows 10 Xbox App Toubleshooting


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