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28th Apr 2018

Hello all, most of y’all know me and most of y’all probably don’t, but Hello I’m Dan or better known as T6ix Grizz. I’m just gonna start off this as much of a pleasure it has been to be working beside IWV and Fury all this time. Sounds like forever I know lol, but I joined team 6ix back in December or November of last year ? Not quite sure when, but anyways man it has been one heck of a ride. I was playing ark all the time and having a blast, but then I got on Fortnite and literally it’s hard for me to throw that away. I really have enjoyed myself on this game and I still do. Personally I wanna say thank you to all you guys who has joined this community. There isn’t anything we could honestly do without y’all. The amount of support and the amount on help y’all do one as a whole means more to us than honestly we could ever thank you. I’m not one on the big speeches and never has been, but I can honestly say becoming apart of Team 6ix was the best decision I ever made. I don’t look back on it and I’ll continue to be apart of it. Maybe I don’t talk to iWv every single day, but I know I’m always welcomed to join up and whoop him on some Fortnite with my no win self lol. I appreciate every single one of you guys and thank you for giving me the opportunity to say Team 6ix is my home.

Sincerely T6ix Grizz
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Joined: 4th Dec 2017
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29th Apr 2018

Oh no you called me Griff haha, but nah I’ve been here awhile and well been off ark since the slightly before the servers was wiped lol. Been having fun playing some Fortnite and well you’d be surprised the amount of fun you can have on that broken game lol
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Joined: 4th Dec 2017
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30th Apr 2018

I like to have fun rather than always being serious. It’s about the joy of the game.
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