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Note: All purchases, donations, server boosting, etc. funds are put directly back into server hosting, website hosting, and finding even more ways to make this amazing community thrive!

Server Boosting:
Directly add days to your favorite Team 6ix gaming server! Simply download the Nitrado App on your Xbox One or Windows 10 PC and select the "Boosting" tab. Enter the code given below for the specific server you wish to boost.

-NO MERCY PvP Ragnarok - or066si4

-NO MERCY PvP Valguero - 3kwsn43c

-NO MERCY PvP Center - u0qhup7r

-NO MERCY PvP Extinction - 6ar4sgxb

-Ragnarok PvE - 9rf7e5nb

-Valguero PvE - u8zzfkr0

Small Boost - Player will receive a choice of ONE Wyvern, Rock Drake, Basilisk, or 1 Ascendant Weapon BP.
Medium Boost - Player will receive a choice of ONE full set of Ascendant Tek Armor, TWO Reaper Kings, or 10,000 Element.
Large Boost - Player will receive a choice of any TWO things listed above PLUS 1 Vault full of Turret Ammo, and 1 Tusoteuthis.
Extra Large Boost - Player will receive a choice of any THREE things above PLUS 1 Titanosaur, 1 Rock Elemental, 1 Giganotosaurus.

You may also donate directly to Team 6ix Gaming and receive in-game gifts along with purchasing items/tames from the Team 6ix Gaming Shop on our community site. Check out the Team 6ix Gaming Ark Store, Shop, and donation information over at

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 and http://www.team6ixgaming. ... com/board/506423
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Forum » Xbox » Shop-Donations-Server Boosting Locked
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