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9th Jan 2018

As some of the community already know, we now have a total of 4 servers bringing the community a Cluster of 3 Maps for our PvP side of the house. Ragnarok, Abberation, The Island. We also added a PvE Server with The Island as the map!

Now for the server changes, we have been discussing Offline Raid Protection for the past week or so and have come to the final decision to leave Offline Raid Protection Enabled across all of our servers. This is not because we don't like PvP, we love PvP just like everyone else! 
This was one of the key factors though is the fact that anyone could just blow into another survivors base while they were offline and ruin their gaming experience in our community was a huge turn off. That in a nutshell isn't true PvP in our eyes. PvP is pulling up to a tribes base while they're online and ready to fight. Both tribes give it all they got and have an all out war! That's PvP!

Beginning now we will no longer see the removal of ORP for weekends. We will be doing more events and tournaments though for the community to get that PvP itch to maybe go away .

ORP Enabled: 
No offline raiding
Server population steadily increases
More of an actual PvP experience
Sleep with peace of mind knowing you will wake up to your base still standing

The pros and cons of leaving ORP enabled simply outweigh the pros and cons of disabling it, even on weekends our servers were being destroyed within 24 hours by 1-2 tribes who would just go around raiding every base in sight. Of course its PvP though and we understand that completely. However, we're trying to build and establish a flourishing, fun and friendly community on Ark and we can't do that with our servers empty. Not to mention, empty dedicated servers are not exactly fun.

Expect the completion of our PvP servers with the addition of a Scorched Earth and The Center maps within the next 2-3 months. Following that we will begin to finish out our PvE servers. Another PvE server may be coming before the next PvP one though. More to come on that! 

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9th Jan 2018

Great decision!
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9th Jan 2018

Sounds great!
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9th Jan 2018

I am glad I stuck with checking this group out. Great decision on keeping the ORP enabled.
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