Casual PvP Cluster serer wipe
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12th Aug 2018

Hello Team 6ix PvP survivors! Over the past couple months we have slowly watched the Casual PvP servers population dwindle down to almost no players at all. This is because the clusters are now over 3500+ in-game days old. So when this happens, new players will typically search up our clusters and servers, they will see how many days the servers have and immediately go search for another cluster. It is sad and unfortunate but it is what the majority of players do. They think that their is some big bad mean alpha raiding and wiping everyone or maybe there is no more good spots left on the maps. This is just another downside of this wonderful game we love and call Ark. So the only logical thing for us server owners to do is 1 of 2 things. We either shutdown the cluster all together or we can do a server wipe and restart the servers to day 1 and everyone gets that chance to claim their stake at being alpha. Now we don't want to shutdown our servers. That is the last thing we would ever want to do and is a very painful thing to do. So we will be scheduling a server wipe for Monday, August 20th at 1:00pm MST. We have our PvP free for all event scheduled the weekend of 18 August. This event will be NO RULES. ANYTHING goes! We apologize to everyone that this server wipe will effect but we simply cannot continue to pay for 5 servers and they remain empty.
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12th Aug 2018

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12th Aug 2018

Guess who’s coming back and bringing a really good grinder I met. Only grinder I’ve met that can match me . See you boys tomorow.
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