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Team 6ix Gaming's Dedicated Server guidelines and rules!

At the end of the day these are PvP servers. You WILL be raided on our servers. You could be raided once a week or you could be raided everyday of the week. It is PvP and if you cannot handle the aspects of PvP then we suggest you play on our PvE servers where survivors can mutually initiate a tribe war if they wish. Complaining and whining about being raided on a 8x PvP server is pointless. It's PvP and 8x rates. 


ZERO Tolerance for harassment of any kind. To include; Verbal abuse, In-game attacks, Placing turrets down in front of enemy bases, etc. Common sense. *Excludes FOB buildings, so long as they're not within targets building radius*
TAMING TRAPS are a one time use only. Community Wyvern and Griffin traps are allowed but you must get approval through server admins so we can ensure it is set up properly and is accecible by everyone! No exceptions! DELETE YOUR TRAPS!
NO building/blocking artifact caves, resource rich areas (including caves), and Obelisks. *This will result in all tribe structures being deleted, providing you do not remove them promptly when asked.
NO popcorning (De-spawning) a survivor or tribes belongings. You take what you want or need and leave. 
AVOID killing another survivor or tribes PASSIVE tames. *Sometimes this is not always possible, while blowing into a base passive tames may be harmed in the process. However if you're caught purposely killing every single passive tame a survivor or tribe has you will be removed from our community. **If a survivor or tribe is attacking you with a tame and it is on passive it is considered fair game and can be targeted. 
ZERO Tolerance for foundation wiping. You create openings in bases when it is absolutely necessary and grab what you need and leave. Do not sit there and blow up a survivor or tribes base. 
DO NOT build within close proximity to another survivor or tribes base location. Use your best judgement with this. If they were there before you, then they have every right to ask you to move your base. For extenuating circumstances contact your server admins.
DO NOT build in the Highlands area or on the Giga spawn by Green Ob on our *Ragnarok* server. This is off limits due to it interfering with the spawns of Gigas. *Rule also applies to other Giga spawns on ALL servers
WHINING is absolutely not tolerated. 
THERE WILL BE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CHEATING! If you are found under-mapping or severely exploiting the games glitches, this is grounds to have your tribe WIPED IMMEDIATELY. Please play fair for the good of the community!
CLAIMING ADMIN ABUSE without evidence is one of the fastest ways for you to get banned from our community and servers. Team 6ix Staff has never and will never abuse their power or raid another tribe unless that tribe wanted to have a war. Admins spawning in items for their own self gain or another survivors gain is strictly prohibited. 
LYING will get you no where but banned. Liars are not welcome within the Team 6ix Gaming community or Ark servers. If you are caught lying to an admin to get someone banned or prevent your tribe from being raided, you will be removed from our servers. This is absolutely unacceptable. 
LOGGING OUT while being raided or right before you know your tribe is going to be attacked to enable ORP will result in all of your base and tames being deleted along with you being banned if your tribe has done this before. All of your belongings will be given to the attackers. 
DON'T be bullies. If you're raiding tribes so be it. But do not be that survivor or tribe that goes around constantly raiding everyone. We get it, its PvP and that's the best part of the game but all you will do in the end is kill the servers. If you're tribe is considered toxic or a nuisance to the community,admins may remove you at any time. 


Xbox has a built in DVR and Screenshot system. USE IT. We cannot blindly make decisions based on only words of two survivors or tribes that are furious with one another. Without sufficient evidence our staff will not be able to provide the assistance needed. You MUST provide evidence with any claims of abuse or reporting players. If sufficient evidence is not available players will sometimes not receive the assistance needed and may be asked to sort it out among themselves. 

Our survivors are given multiple chances depending on the severity of the incident. We try to ensure we have ALL the FACTS of any given incident before a BAN is initiated. We don't go around banning our players without sufficient reasoning unless the player or tribe has been reported numerous times. 

HELP US HELP YOU! If you feel like you cannot effectively make a case against a player or tribe don't hesitate to send you server admin a message still informing them of the situation and what happened. This will give your server admin a backlog of reports against that player or tribe. 

Just some food for thought. As this is a community that we want to see flourish and grow we ask all of our members to take a step back for a moment before you're about to do something drastic. Take a moment and think about how it would effect the server. Will it hurt the server or community? Will it benefit the server and community? The biggest thing to take away from this is, do you and your tribe mates want to play on an empty server? 

Our #1 priority is our community! 

Report violators/trolls to your respective server admins!

Server Owners: T6ix FuRy & T6ix iWv 
Ragnarok PvP - T6ix iWv & T6ix FuRy
Abberation PvP - T6ix FuRy & T6ix iWv
The Island PvP - T6ix FuRy & T6ix iWv
The Center PvP - T6ix iWv & T6ix FuRy
Scorched Earth PvP - T6ix iWv & T6ix FuRy
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18th Mar 2018

Rules and guidelines have been changed and updated. Please ensure you completely read and understand these. This is the biggest change to the rules and guidelines we have done!

Thank you!
Happy Surviving!
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