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2nd Sep 2018

We have changed some items to require less or different materials for crafting them! Here is a list of the items below!

Turrets - No Polymer Required
Bolas - Fiber
Crossbow - Wood
Whip - Fiber
Spear - Fiber
Stone Hatchet - Thatch
Stone Pick - Stone
Spyglass - Fiber
Gunpowder - Fiber
Sparkpowder - Stone
Bug Repellant - Narcotic
Narcotic - Spoiled Meat
Advanced Rifle Bullet - Lowered Costs
Simple Rifle Bullet - Lowered Costs
Ptero Saddle - Fiber

We would love to edit or add more to this list if anyone has suggestions, ideas, or tips please post them below! 
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5th Sep 2018

Makes building base defense lil easier starting out thats for sure.
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