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16th Mar 2018

Due to the incoming server wipe on the 18th of March, tonight at 11:59pm EST we will be deactivating ORP and no rules! That's right! Raid that tribe you've always wanted to, get some PvP action in! No rules and No ORP tonight at 11:59PM EST! 

With that said, just because the servers are wiping does not mean that you are free to go around doing as you please at this time. Our rules are STILL in effect until tonight at 11:59PM EST. If you are to break any rules before then you will be dealt with accordingly and bans still may be issued. Don't be that tribe or individual that gets banned right before we're about to start from scratch. You WILL remained banned when the new serves and maps come online. 

Disclaimer: You may be raided by an admin as well. No rules is exactly that. No rules! Admins will still abide by the guidelines and rules that everyone else follows and you will not be raided by fake spawned in items. Remember, we play the server too just like everyone else!

Following the release of the new maps and servers all rules will immediately go back into effect. 
Happy surviving! 
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16th Mar 2018

Don't forget PvP survivors! Tonight is the night! No ORP and NO RULES! Lets get crazy!
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16th Mar 2018

has the orp been removed yet on server?
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16th Mar 2018

Quotehas the orp been removed yet on server?


It has now. Ran into some issues at first but ORP and no rules is enabled now! 
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