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28th Feb 2018

Effective immediately our admin staff on our PvP servers are no longer allowed to raid on another server that they do not have admin controls on. This was obviously a bad decision on our end and I apologize for our mistakes. We can only learn from them though. 

However, I can 100% promise you that our staff has never and will NEVER spawn anything in for another survivors gain or their own gain. Our admin logs are combed on a daily bases and this type of behavior is unacceptable. If you have been raided by an admin you were not being abused by "fake" or spawned in items. Our admins have always played the game just like everyone else and will continue to do so because we do not allow any other type of playing. Fair is fair. 

Also, contributors to the community, i.e persons that have made a donation to Team 6ix Gaming have not and will not EVER receive special treatment. We've had countless donations from the community and have NEVER showed them special treatment nor protected them in any way, shape or form. Numerous contributors have been raided just like everyone else. Just because you have donated does not make you immune to the consequences of PvP. 

Finally, when a raid is in the middle of happening and we receive 50 messages from a survivor claiming abuse or someone is blatantly breaking rules we WILL step in and investigate. We ask that if these claims have been made and an admin has called for a cease fire or stop all raid that you STOP. Continuing to attack will result in you being removed. This is not something hard to do. Everyone can act like an adult and if you're asked politely to cease fire or hold off for a moment while the admin can clear everything up then you must do so. If no rules have been broken or abuse is proven then the raid may continue. Its that simple.

Side note: Don't get sassy with our staff. We always try our best to remain as professional as possible. We need to also understand that staff are put under a lot of pressure at times and everyone has their breakdown moment. Don't be that person that adds to the fire or sasses an admin because you don't like what they've asked you to do. Typing in global game chat because you're pouting about what an admin has called for is also unacceptable. Act your age. 

This was in no way, shape or form directed at ANY individual community member or staff member. This was simply a post made regarding these situations that have came about recently and needed to have light shed on them. Take this as an FYI. 
As always, thank you for the love and support you all have shown and happy surviving. 
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1st Mar 2018

As most of you know I personally am an Admin among the island pvp server. Unfortunately I don’t mind not being able to raid. I knew that when I applied for the position and I’ll stick beside it like no other. If I wanna pvp well I’ll go to a highly crazy 100x server and go all out lol; even bringing other people with me for the fun I personally haven’t been extremely active on ark, because well it does get boring, but I ALWAYS log onto my Xbox one even when I’m simply playing an older game on my 360. Personally I’ll ALWAYS come help you before continuing to play my older game (if you’re curious it’s “The Godfather” absolutely love it lol), but anyways this community comes first besides my personal life. I help when I can even if it’s with a tame being stuck or your body glitched. I’ve brung people into my boss fights and let them learn the engrams; gave base tours and just random stuff. I’ve lost Dino’s due to me not logging in, but it’s apart of the game and I’ll stand behind it. We are not perfect, but we try to do our best to help you. We are human and we make mistakes at times, but we live and we learn from them just like we do in the real world. Keep up your great work and if you need help with anything don’t hesitate to just send me a message I’ll do what I possibly can.
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