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29th Nov 2017

Search for the servers in the Unofficial PC Sessions list on your Xbox One!  

PvP Server Names: Ragnarok PvP The Island PvP Abberation PvP The Center PvP Scorched Earth PvP

  • 15x Taming
  • 15x Gathering
  • 15x Maturing Speed
  • 15x Egg Hatch Speed
  • 15x XP Gained

Other Information:

Survivor Health Increased x2
Survivor Water Drain Decreased x.5
Survivor Food Drain Decreased x.5
Survivor Weight Increased x500
Survivor Oxygen Increased x3
Survivor Speed Increased x1.5
Survivor Crafting Speed Increased x4
Survivor Fortitude Increased x3
Dino Stamina Loss Decreased x.5
Dino Weight Increased x500
Dino Stamina Increased x2
Crop Growth Speed Increased x4
Structure Resistance Increased x.5
Floating Damage [ON]
Offline Raid Protection [ON]
Offline Raid Protection Enables 30 minutes after log out
Cave Structure Damage x3
Turret Damage Increased x1.5
Turret Limit = 250
Custom Supply Drops

PvP Admins:
Ragnarok PvP - T6ix iWv & T6ix FuRy
Abberation PvP - T6ix FuRy & T6ix iWv
The Island PvP - T6ix FuRy & T6ix iWv
The Center PvP - T6ix iWv & T6ix FuRy
Scorched Earth PvP - T6ix iWv & T6ix FuRy

You will NEVER be raided by the Team-6ix-Gaming admin tribe on any of our servers UNLESS you attack or raid them. Our admins play the servers just like everyone else. Admins will NEVER spawn things in for their own personal gain or another survivors. We're all grown adults! Some, if not all of us have children of our own. Cheating on our own servers would ruin the game for all of us. 

Video tutorial on how to join our server!
Last Edit: 23rd Aug 2018 by T6ix iWv
Forum » Xbox » T6ix Dedicated PvP Locked
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