Ragnarok and Abberation transferring
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12th Dec 2017

In regards to transferring from Ragnarok to Abberation and back, I personally experienced losing my character when coming back from Abberation to the Ragnarok server. Not too sure exactly what happened but hopefully this only will be a one time thing with my character. I had to manually put myself back into my own tribe and also add my experience back manually as I was level 100. 

Please use extreme caution when transferring from one server to the other for the next few days until we get this sorted. Feel free to join either server and create a new character though because you can still upload things and retrieve them on the other server with a different character!

Upload items/weapons on Ragnarok into the Obi, then exit and go to Abberation, if you can get to or find another Obi or Supply drop you can pull out what you uploaded with your new character. Or vise-versa upload items/weapons/tames on Abberation into the Obi, then exit the game and go back to Ragnarok. Then download your items/weapons/tames with that character on Ragnarok. So I highly suggest you do it this way instead of just having the one character and transferring in between servers. This is how I will be playing on both servers from this point on lol. 

However, if you prefer to use just your one character and do happen to lose it and can't gain access back to your tribe please inform T6ix FuRy or myself and we will do our best to help you out. In the mean time until we have a solid answer or know this will not be a re-occurring issue I suggest you just create a new character and manually upload/download items/tames between the two servers instead.  
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