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- Starter & Wipe Kits are no longer available -

As our community and servers continue to grow it is not very appealing to new members to join a server that is 1000+ days in, so that's why our Starter and Wiped Packages have become available on our PvP Servers!

The persons in charge of handing out Starter and Wiped packages are:

Server Owners: T6ix iWv & T6ix FuRy
Ragnarok PvP - T6ix FuRy & T6ix iWv
Abberation PvP - saintalexial & T6ix iWv
The Island PvP - T6ix Grizz & T6ix iWv
The Center PvP - T6ix iWv & T6ix FuRy
Scorched Earth - T6ix iWv & T6ix FuRy

If you're in need of a package please PM your respective server admin on XBL. Please do not message us on the site or our social media accounts asking for your starter. You MUST message your admin on XBL.  If one of us cannot respond or get your package to you please PM another member. Please understand that ultimately YOU'RE responsible for receiving your Starter or Wiped Package. All we can do is meet you in-game and give you the Package. If you fail to message one of us in regards to your Package then that is on you! 

NOTE: You will NOT receive your starter/wipe package UNLESS you have posted an introduction to the forums about yourself AND follow the introduction posting guidelines. NO EXCUSES!

Starter and Wiped Packages:

Small Metal Base
4 Auto Turrets with 200 Bullets each
1 Set of Metal tools & Pike
1 Perfect Tamed Pteranodon *Abberation Excluded*
1 Perfect Tamed Ravager *Abberation Only*
Electrical Supplies 

Thank you!

Happy Surviving!!!
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Forum » Xbox » T6ix Dedicated PvP Locked
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