The Rules on Passive Tames [IMPORTANT]
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25th Jan 2018

We have been having quite a few problems lately with the killings of passive tames.

 Here is the rules :

"NOTE:  If you  ATTACK/RAID  a survivor or tribe, they are more than allowed to retaliate by taking out a few tames of yours whether they're on passive or not. *Also, just because your tame was on passive and you were picked or killed off of it in the middle of a raid or attack doesn't mean it is safe from being killed. It is consider to be apart of war or PvP and can be taken out.

AVOID killing another survivor or tribes PASSIVE tames. *Sometimes this is not always possible, while blowing into a base passive tames may be harmed in the process. However if you're caught purposely killing every single passive tame a survivor or tribe has you will be removed from our community. **If a survivor or tribe is attacking you with a passive tame and gets picked off of it, it is allowed to be killed.

Tames will not be replaced under these circumstances. This is PvP. You will be raided. It is the point of the game and we do not want to fill our servers with a bunch of spawned in tames because of tribe wars. Remember there is wiped packages so you will never start back from nothing.

Secondly, If you want your passive tames or items back that were taken from you against the rules and/or want us to take action against the tribe that wronged you, YOU MUST PROVIDE VIDEO PROOF OR SCREENSHOTS! We will not go by word of mouth.

Here is the rule:

"Xbox has a built in  DVR  and Screenshot system.  USE IT . We cannot blindly make decisions based on only words of two survivors or tribes that are furious with one another.  This is a must if you want your tames replaced or items given back!  Help us help you!"

We will always strive to make Team 6ix gaming the best servers to play on! Thank you all for being apart of Team 6ix Gaming! We appreciate all of you!

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Joined: 21st Oct 2017
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25th Jan 2018

I posted it here also for anyone who has questions. Keep surviving!
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