Abberation Cleanup/Fixes
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10th May 2018

Hello fellow Team 6ix Survivors! 

Last night we performed some server clean up *Deletion of taming traps, old structures, clutter on the Abberation server. We had to delete A LOT of taming traps across the map. Please remember that taming traps are a one time use only unless you submit a post with pictures requesting a permanent trap. This is to ensure our servers stay clean and free of unnecessary clutter and eye sores.

*The Island was also cleaned up a bit
These are your servers PLEASE keep them clean and treat them with some respect. 

Also, while doing some clean up we noticed a few server settings that were incorrect. One of these settings was the ORP (Offline Raid Protection) as well as the auto destruction of structures. Both of these settings have been corrected and you should now no longer see (ORP) on tribes that are logged out along with timers should now be displayed on individual structures/creatures when targeting them. These timers determine how long before a structure auto decays and how long before a tame becomes claimable. 

The last setting that we found out was incorrect was discovered by a survivor asking a question on the forums. Since an update or two ago you're now able to transfer "Native" Abberation dinos from any map TO Abberation. Meaning you can transfer a Stego from Ragnarok to Abberation because Stegos are found on Abberation. We were aware of this change and implemented it on the PvP Abberation server but completely forgot to do so on the PvE Abberation server so this has also been corrected. You should now be able to transfer Dinos as well as items to Abberation from any map within our cluster.  

Apologies if any of these settings negatively effected anyone. That was never our intentions. Just some errors we made and finally discovered. 

P.S. Not all structure items simply auto decay and destroy themselves. Things like campfires, feeding troughs and wood spikes for an example will not auto decay and disappear. However, if you walk up to these items/structures it will display "Demolish Allowed" on the bottom of the info displayed and ANYONE can destroy these eye sores. This will SIGNIFICANTLY help out your server admins! 

Thank you! 
Happy surviving! 
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10th May 2018

Keep up the good work
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10th May 2018

Great job guys! I'll get on center and delete my base that isn't being used to free up a good spot it's tiny thing.
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11th May 2018

Most traps can be put up quick and dragged right back down. Dragon traps that's a different ball game.
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