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28th Oct 2019

Hi, please forgive my noob ignorance- I’ve not played on a cluster server before and I’m not sure how it works. I’ve been playing on Valguero, if I want to day trip to Ragnarok is that feasible? I’m not sure what happens to inventory items and dinos when making a transfer, I’d hate to transfer over unprepared and leave all my belongings at and obelisk on Valguero! Do I need to upload inventory items and tames to the obelisk, then transfer and download them on Ragnarok or do I just keep everything on me (maybe cryopod my tame?) and transfer over?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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28th Oct 2019

Hey mate. You can totally day trip to Rag and back again. Go to one of the obelisks and hit the transfer server option. It will come up with one option, being Ragnarok. You will keep all of your inventory too. Dino's are a bit different, you either upload them into the obelisk or carry them with you in cryopods. Cryopods are the best option for this because you will have your Dino as soon as you spawn in, rather than trekking to an obelisk to download them. Also, the Dino's cant have anything on them when you upload, not even a saddle! Anyway, hope this helps. See you on rag!
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28th Oct 2019

Thanks so much for the info, I had visions on arriving in Ragnarok naked and Dino-less with a pile of my belongings still at the obelisk
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