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Team 6ix Gaming's Dedicated Server guidelines and rules!

These are not hard to follow. Very simple, courteous, and respectful rules & guidelines to follow when playing on our community servers. This is a community. Not your run of the mill PvP server where you can join it and just wiped/attack everyone in site. We pride ourselves on our community here and want to see it continue to grow and flourish.


  • ZERO  Tolerance for harassment of any kind. To include; Verbal abuse, In-game attacks, Placing turrets down in front of enemy bases, etc. Common sense. *Excludes FOB buildings, so long as they're not within targets building radius*
  • NO  building/blocking artifact caves, Obelisks, and heavy resource spawns (Including resource caves). *This will result in all tribe structures being deleted, providing you do not remove them promptly when asked.
  • DO NOT  build within close proximity to another survivor or tribes base location. Use your best judgement with this. If they were there before you, then they have every right to ask you to move your base. For extenuating circumstances contact your server admins.
  • DO NOT  build in the Highlands area or on the Giga spawn by Green Ob on our *Ragnarok* server. This is off limits due to it interfering with the spawns of Gigas. *Rule also applies to other Giga spawns on ALL servers
  • WHINING  is absolutely not tolerated. *Read below
  • 0 Tolerance for survivors "kiting" tames to another survivors base! *Example: Leading a Titan to another players base*
  • NO  spamming of pillars, foundations, and other random structures to claim "Land". This is not allowed and will not be tolerated. If you want a spot to build on then build on it. You're not going to hold it until you're ready to build on it. This also goes for spamming pillars around your bases. The land is yours already, do not do this. 
  • NO building on player spawns! If survivors can spawn inside the perimeter of your base then you MUST ensure they have a way to exit along with signs giving directions. Maps are VERY large and have plenty of places to build on them. Building on the beach where new players spawn is not a very good idea. 
  • PLAYERS are limited to 2 bases per tribe! Regardless if your a tribe of 1 or 5 you may ONLY have 2 bases under the same tribe name. Both bases MUST be up kept and taken care of. You must also frequently use the second base. 
  • TAMING traps are a ONE TIME use ONLY! Unless you have a trap within the perimeter of your base. Building traps all over our servers causes clutter and lag. You build it, tame it, destroy the trap. Simple. Tribes with excessive taming traps will be warned 1 time and 1 time only. The second time we see it all your belonging will be deleted. *Survivors may send screenshots and ask for server admin permission to have a trap stay permanent. 

Our #1  priority is our community! If our servers are empty then we don't have a community.

Xbox has a built in DVR and Screenshot system. USE IT. We cannot blindly make decisions based on only words of two survivors or tribes that are furious with one another. Help us help you!

Report violators/trolls to your respective server admins!

Server Owners: T6ix FuRy & T6ix iWv

Ragnarok PvP - T6ix iWv & T6ix FuRy & T6ix Apok
The Island PvP - T6ix FuRy & T6ix iWv & T6ix Apok
Abberation PvP - T6ix FuRy & T6ix iWv & T6ix Apok
The Center PvP - T6ix iWv & T6ix FuRy & T6ix Apok

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20th Mar 2018

Edited and updated PvE server guidelines and rules! Please ensure you fully read and understand these! Inform tribe members that do not have a Team 6ix account of these changes as well.

Thank you.
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