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7th Apr 2018

What kinds of things do yall build when trapping different kinds of dinos?

For most things like a Morellatops, Thorny, Trike, and anything around that size I mainly do the 3x6 stone pillar lure.

For getting those hard to track pteranadons I would bola, place down three dinosaur gates around it with two gates to cover him and bam.

For those big boys like a Bronto, Rex and whatnot I use loads of dinosaur gates then I place em down once they are inside.

I have all sorts of methods of getting these dinosaurs tamed but I still dont know a good way to trap a Quetzal.
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8th Apr 2018

I use my stunning good looks. Omce they see me they turn to stone lol. For the bigger guys I like terrain. get them in a crevice and stay out of range and traq arow or dart them. Sometimes drop a gate or two to keep them in terrain feature you have them in.

For the quetz. I woul d say you have the right ways. I have yet been able to get one. I do have fun trying though
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9th Apr 2018

QuoteI can help you get a quetz Maine if you want.  Just let me know a time and day and i will make sure to have everything we need for a max level (no guarantee we will see a max level might have to settle for a low level) I can trap it and you can do the rest.  Too bad that the replenish stam ability while in the air is turned off on pve servers it would help alot in quetz taming.  Anyways let me know a day and time you want to go quetz hunting and i will make sure to have what you will need as well as a proper quetz trap built on my quetz.

I can get a Quetzal all myself I just wanted to know how people get certain dinos tamed and trapped and Quetzal is just one I havent seen a trap for.

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