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27th Jan 2018

PvE Survivors,

We would like to know what kind of events you would like to have on the server? Also, what other things besides events would you like to see?

Community Centers

What do you all want to see on your servers?

Most of us here at Team 6ix Gaming are PvP players, so the PvE world is a little different to us. We don't have the experience or time played on PvE servers to constructively make decisions without some input from our seasoned PvE players. So please, by all means, if you have ideas, suggestions or even grips and complaints about something on the servers post them here. We want to improve our PvE servers for YOU! 
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27th Jan 2018

I think manta races would be a fantastic event or some kind of event. Or maybe a market day
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27th Jan 2018

Dino/survivor races are always fun. Can be point or point or check point style.

If tribe wars is enabled, then you could have boxing matches, tribe on tribe gladiator battles, boat battles and even dino fights. Who doesn't want to se dodo's killing each other.

Death pit: long somewhat narrow building with obstalces and small aggressive dinos in inside first to get to the trteasure on the other side wins.

Tower of terror: simalr to death pit but has progressively harder levels as you go up. Could be maze style or parkor style.

Contest to see who can hit a certian level with breeding specific dino ie. dodo, dilo or somethig easy to breed.

Treasure hunts: Harder to do when you dont have a single living area for all tribes.

Shooting comps with either bows or longneck rifles.

Best in show: one judge looks at entries from each tribe for best looking dino mutations.

These are few we used to do on my server and other i admined on. All require a Admin to be on pretty regulery to build arenas and setup the events. Its hard work but thats what your job is as a server host. To keep things fresh and exciting for your players. Keeps them interseted in your server and helps draw in new players.

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