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5th Apr 2018

I am just curious as to why people put a / in the middle of a cuss word. Do they do this just because? Do they do this to be the big man on server. It takes extra effort to do it. people just need to grow up ack like adults. Not ack like a 12 year old who thinks cussing is cool. Mommy and daddy aren't looking. I am gonna cuss
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5th Apr 2018

We don't have any rules against cussing on the servers. However, we do have rules against harassment and cussing at someone is definitely that. Some people just cuss. I personally cuss like a sailor, but I don't in chat because, like you said, adding the / is extra effort. But if you have a chat pad, it's really not.
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5th Apr 2018


I honestly dont see the big deal with anyone cussing. its just words and if they arent being directed at you then i dont see the problem. 


Yes, if its not directed at some one then it's fine.
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5th Apr 2018

I think some people just grew up using cuss words as adjectives, although some may be cussing to try to get a reaction from somebody. If I notice someone is trying to get a reaction out of me this way, I just usually smirk and brush it off cause it pisses them off that they didn't get a reaction 
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