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29th Nov 2018

Hey everyone, we've been playing the new Extinction Map since the release and have noticed that a lot of our tames are being killed while we're off line. At first we thought it must of happened right after we logged out, but it's happening so often now I was wondering if the settings had been changed? I just lost a high level imprinted managarmr (among other things) to what must have been a very long snow owl attack. If we lose tames due to our irresponsible use of them (guilty!) then fair enough but with stuff like this is there any opportunity to get them replaced? I would be interested to know if others are having the same issue or if it's just us? I hope this doesn't come across as complaining, we do appreciate what you guys do and love the cluster. Cheers for reading.
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29th Nov 2018

Its best to leave every animal you value in a cryopod and in a cryo fridge when you log off.     All the Corrupted dinos are attracted to metal and im constantly having to rebuild my gates but  hopefully i can upgrade to TEK soon and have a shield and turrets around. 

If you dont build in the city you run the risk of getting hit by Corrupted Gigas and Stegos which will obliterate your structures. 

If you can't craft a Cryo Fridge or Cryo pods yet I will gladly do it for you if you provide the resources.... (providing you are on extinction)   Just Message me ingame when you are on if you need them crafted.  - T6ix Sasquatch.
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29th Nov 2018

Cheers for that. The cryo pods might be our best option for our favourites! We can get those through the orbital drops but help with a cryo fridge would be great, thanks!

But I'm still confused about why it's happening. Your points about the corrupted make sense, but it was a snow owl that killed my managarmrs, and I didn't think tames and structures could be damaged while offline anyway? Has that changed with the new map?

Anyway, I appreciate the advice and will be hiding my favourites overnight in a vault from now on. Cheers
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29th Nov 2018

Hey Monaz!
Apologies you experienced this. So, as for the Offline protection option, we've had that disabled for a long time now. It was at least 6 months ago if not longer maybe if i'm remembering correctly. I personally always put up Plant x species or Auto Turrets around my tames/base to keep them safe just in case anything is to ever wonder in. We are playing Player vs. Environment so things like this can and will happen eventually. As Sasquatch said, I'd probably cyro pod important dinos close to you and most definitely put up some auto turrets!
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3rd Dec 2018

It's unfortunate but from my understanding all the corrupt Dino's can eat metal (not a good idea on WC's part imo) so your tames and bases will be killed/destroyed frequently if you try building outside of the city or the bubbles.

I tried assisting a tribe with a move by setting up turrets for them so they could get their stuff out as they were frequently being attacked. The issue I ran into was I literally couldn't keep up with the number of bullets the turrets were going through (this is with admin commands). I would suggest Plant X (no ammo) and frequently built metal spiked walls, you will go through the spiked walls on occasion but it does seem to help. Turrets however will probably go through bullets at an absurd rate if set to wild dinos.

Or you can Cryo everything. I love Ark but I think corrupt dinos eating metal was a poor design decision as it cuts the map almost in half when considering where you can safely build.
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4th Dec 2018

Thanks for the replies! I feel a little silly not noticing the offline protection being dropped though, I must have just been really lucky on Ragnarok for it to not have resulted in deaths there. We have set up a couple of velenosaurs on turret mode which seems to be doing the job. We don't have our base out in the wildlands for that exact reason though. The constant spawning of corrupted Dino's even makes taming out there an absolute nightmare
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