Rule regayrding where base can be built.
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15th Feb 2018

I am still sorta kinda new to game. So here is my question.

I am not sure where or even what the highlands are. I assume it's a higher elevation area?

How close to Green Obilisknis to close?

To answer where are Giga spawns would likely be a lenghty response

So some links to good accurate info would be greatly appreciated.
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15th Feb 2018

I believe the highlands is what the area is called (NE of the map). Check this link out: ... /Ragnarok

Scroll down to where the map is and hover over different regions. It tells you what the area is called.

No idea for the other questions though. Hope that helps!

EDIT: I meant NE not NW lol
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15th Feb 2018

The area circled in blue is the Highlands. 
All the Red highlighted areas are the Giga spawns.

Apologies for the photo size. For some reason it shrank dramatically. 
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15th Feb 2018
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15th Feb 2018

That picture looks about like the size of my oh no I won’t say it.
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15th Feb 2018

This is awesome exactly what I need. You guys or gals are great

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