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1st Jul 2018

I've been playing on an official server and realized that it just was taking way too long to make any progress. That's why I decided to look for a unofficial boosted server to play on and finally work my way up to tek stuff. My point being, the T6ix PvE Island server says data downloads allowed, and i uploaded items and dinos from the official xbox server I was on, but they don't show up to download. Is there a trick to this? Or is this just not going to work and all my work on official was for nothing once again? I couldn't find any posts explaining how T6ix has the servers set up for transferring either.
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1st Jul 2018

cant bring stuff from official server to unofficial server, same with unofficial to official server.
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1st Jul 2018

Exactly what Mitchsti said. Official servers are completely separate servers from dedicated server so you cannot move anything in between them. Same goes for single player, anything done in single player is just that single player.

As far as dedicated servers go, with downloads enabled it depends on the server. Some servers allow you to transfer characters, items and tames from other dedicateds on to it. However, our servers are on their own “cluster” meaning you can only transfer among those servers on the cluster. This prevents players from coming to our servers with level 9000 tames and such.
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2nd Jul 2018

Ah, I see. Thank you for explaining.
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