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23rd Jan 2018

Team 6ix PvE Survivors, 

Help us help you! Over time servers can become cluttered with old taming traps, abandoned bases, and just random structures spread throughout the maps. 
The PvE Servers are still fairly new so this will not be an issue until maybe a week or two from now. Please police yourselves while playing on the servers. Taming traps that are not next to your bases should be a one time use and need to be taken down immediately after taming is complete. 

Please just take care of the servers. These are not Team 6ix Gaming's servers, these servers are YOURS. You may see myself or T6ix FuRy every once in awhile flying around on a Wyvern or something so we can perform clean ups of areas of the maps. Don't hesitate to say hello! 
Just understand that we do not have all the time in the world so we can only dedicate so much time to each individual server at once. 
Report any old bases, structures or "Garbage" cluttering up the PvE servers here in the forums or feel free to message one of us directly. 
As always, thank you for your continued love and support. This is only just the beginning. Survive on!
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23rd Jan 2018

I did abandon a few things on TheIsland server since I'm enjoying the Ragnarok map so much. I'll make some time tonight or tomorrow to clean-up my base and transfer over what I need. Thanks for keeping us accountable!
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24th Jan 2018

I've transferred over from the island, my base will still be standing though. It is on the north beach all the way to the east above the hidden lake and oppositeish from Carno island if you could remove? Its nowhere near an ob for me to head back and destroy sorry.
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