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25th Jan 2018

I wanted to say thank you to a couple of people. It is sad I cannot remember the names but I hope you see this and post a reply.

The first one I would like to say thanks to is a couple days ago FlippinEli and myself were taming Pteranodons and we’re knocked out by some Dino that we haven’t seen before. Our knight in shining armor came to our aide and destroyed it and prevented us from dying. So again thank you.

As for the second person, we have been having a problem in Viking Bay with a lot more Aggressive Dino’s. I was taming, yes another pteranodon when a Sabertooth was just running up and down the beach killing stuff.

Wanting to capture this awesome creature I created a taming pen on the spot. Of course I used the tip that some of the admins gave me and had pumped my movement speed up. So I was able to use myself as bait and out run this beautiful beast. To his surprise he had followed me into my taming pen. After expelling multiple tranq darts, I had to revert to taming with a sling shot. Yeah, not to effective.

The person I would like to thank came out of nowhere and helped me drop the sabertooth. At first he was trying to help me kill it till I asked him to stop killing it. Then he switched over to tranq arrows himself and we were able to drop it. However, I will admit that I thought he was trying to steal the Dino. I know, just assuming without waiting to see what happened. But I haven’t had much luck with survivor interactions on any other servers. So I expected the worse.

So what did he do. You are wandering aren’t you. Well he put prime meat on the sabertooth and tamed it, then unclaimed it so I could retrieve it. I thanked him and his tribe for their assitance and offered to give him something in return. He wanted nothing and left.

I would also like to note that he and his tribe mates had helped my tribe mate the night before get a griffin.

I am sharing this so I can thank them publicly and also so people know there are some great members in this gaming community. My apologies for not remembering who this was, I was dealing with my kids as well as this was going on so I didn’t write down names. But again thank you for all your help.
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25th Jan 2018

That is awesome to hear. That is what a ark pve server is about, helping each other to survive and thrive. This is the kind of things we did when I ran my server. I'm so happy to hear that there are more survivors out there like my old tribe mates. I do believe I have found me a new home. Even if we don't get flyer carry turned on.
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25th Jan 2018

Not sure as to who helped with the sabertooth since I wasn't on but I know the other two names. Phil (knight in shining armor) and Travis (went out of his way to catch a griffin for me) from the KILLJOY tribe. These guys are awesome and very helpful. Thank you!
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25th Jan 2018

Glad to have helpful members like them within our community!
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25th Jan 2018

That's awesome!
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25th Jan 2018

That’s it Eli, KILLJOY. Thank you.
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