JustDoubt's 1v1 Tournament 4/14/18
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14th Apr 2018

Today at 7:00pm EST JustDoubt will be hosting a 1v1 Tournament for the Rocket League community. 
Our very own Team 6ix Gaming Rocket League team members will be playing in this tournament.

T6ix iWolff
T6ix Salidow
T6ix Eclipse

These members will be competing in this tournament! It would be AWESOME if we got some Team 6ix Gaming in that chat rooting and chanting for our team members! I will personally be in there rooting them on! 

The Twitch Channel hosting the tournament: https://www.twitch.tv/jus ... tdoubt

Please stop in the channel at 7:00pm EST to root for your team! 

I look forward to seeing some of you in there along with some #Team6ixGaming for the boys! 

"I've got your 6ix" 

Thank you! 
Joined: 18th Oct 2017
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14th Apr 2018

Look forward to seeing some #Team6ixGaming in the chat for this tournament!

Tournament starts in 30 minutes! See you there!
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14th Apr 2018

Tournament is still live! 2 roster members have been knocked out of the tournament but 1 still stands!
Lets get some HYPE in this chat for Team 6ix Gaming!

Take the W for Team 6ix iWolff! You got this!

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14th Apr 2018

T6ix iWolff moves on to the Semi Finals bracket! COME SHOW SOME HYPE!
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14th Apr 2018

Amazing games tonight!
T6ix iWolff secured 3rd place in the 1v1 Tournament tonight for Team 6ix Gaming!

Everyone did a great job and no one should be feeling down. You all played well!

I honestly have never really played or liked Rocket League until tonight. The match ups were crazy and the game was intense to watch especially when our own were out there competing. I Watched 4+ hours of this event and enjoyed it to the fullest. Very please that we walked away with 3rd place.

Special shout out to RobbedofLife and Dreaded for getting in that stream chat to hype our team members up! I sincerely appreciate you both and if anyone else stopped in and I missed you I apologize! It means the world to me and our RL team that you were in there rooting them on! I hope to see you all there next weekend for the 2v2 Tournament!

Also a huge thank you to JustDoubt for hosting these tournaments for the RL community. I look forward to watching him grow his channel and tournaments.

Again, well played iWolff, Salidow, & Eclipse. You all did awesome!
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