Ark 1v1 Fighting Pits (Pikes)
Ark 1v1 Fighting Pits (Pikes)
Scheduled Start:
3:00 PM Sat 6th Jan 2018
Number of teams:
Players per team:
Single Elimination
Entrance Fee:

Welcome to Team 6ix Gaming's Ark Survival Evolved 1v1 Fighting Pits Tournament!

Event Details:  

  • All Items will be provided for the event
  • Best of 1 Round
  • 1v1
  • Last survivor standing wins

We will be meeting at the Fighting Pits 15-20 Minutes prior to event start time. The Pits are located in front of the castle! Event will start at 4:00pm EST Saturday, January 6th. Players must be registered with the community site to receive in-game prize and profile trophy on site.   

  • 1st place prize will be a selection 1 Perfect tamed Abberation tame *Excludes Reapers, Rock Drake, Nameless, and Basilisk* & will receive a Gold trophy on his/her profile
  • 2nd place winner will receive a a blueprint or item of his/her choice & a Silver trophy on his/her profile
  • 3rd place winner will receive a Bronze trophy on his/her profile

6th Jan 2018
T6ix iWv

Congrats to our winners! iWv with 1st place, Fur Hammerlock with 2nd, and Wahlberg with 3rd. Thank you all for your participation. Had a blast!

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